Hi! - Welcome to Adzade Photography. My name is Adrian and I am the main photographer here. With my wife (Lucy) we are friendly, fun, professional and reliable. Together we make an amazing team.

My background

I have always been passionate about photography starting when I was quite young with my first SLR camera right back in the times of using film. I have always had an eye for detail, angle and capturing the moment complete with the looks, colour and life that others may miss. I have taken photos at weddings, for portraits, charity events and sporting events. When I am not at a wedding or an event taking photos I love to spend time with my family at nature reserves capturing life at it's most raw and natural. It is so much fun teaching my daughter about photography and wildlife, there is something very precious about watching a bird in flight or silently capturing a tiny animal as it carries on with it's life unaware of me or the camera.

The Team

I am the main photographer and Lucy accompanies me as the second photographer (and our main editor). We are both skilled for capturing different moments at the same event. I have an eye and a passion for the just happening moments as well as the more formal scenes. Lucy however likes to capture the things that you will forget in time. The tiny decorations on the tables, hair accessories and things that you spent so long planning but are so quickly forgotten. As a women who cares so much about all those small yet so very important things, you can guarentee she will have caught it in her photos amongst all her other general event photographs. Her passion for this stems from our wedding when after searching all the photos taken by almost everyone at the wedding no one had taken a photograph of the back of her dress, which was so beautifully detailed, she knows the heartache of never having that moment again to capture it and so she strives to make sure no one feels like that about the details and energy they put into their event.


Our daughter (Felicity) recently got her own DSLR and has decided she is going to be a wildlife photographer when she grows up (that's if she can overcome her dislike for creeping bugs and dirt!). She loves to come with us (to suitable events and as clients allow - it's your event you make the decision, we're not offended if you would rather not) and help us. Being 6 years old her perspective is so unique, she holds the camera and takes shots incredibly well for anyone but especially for a child. She often captures things that no one else will think worthy of a photo and yet her angle and precision makes them so beautiful to look at. She impresses people with her unique outlook on the world and most importantly her love and passion for every second of it!!


My wife and I are available (as bookings allow) for all sorts of events, portraits and more. Please check out our work and our portfolio to see ways in which we normally work and examples of previous photographs and editing. If you are needing photography for your wedding please check out our weddings section, we aim to offer packages for all budgets (remembering well our own non-existant budget at our wedding), if there isn't a package to suit your budget please get in touch and we will do our best to assist you. Your wedding is such an important day in your life and you want to have the quality photos to remember it by.

Whether you are planning an event, wanting a portrait or fancy a photo of some stunning nature we aim to to please and assist however we can and excede expectations. So if you are looking for photography that is down to earth, affordable and delivers on quality then you have come to the right place.

Thanks for visiting

Adrian Skelton