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Printed Products

These products can be printed with your images or ours.

The products with the "Flick Snaps" logo are  printed with photos taken by our daughter.

These products can all be customised, so if you like an image but want it on a different product, or you'd like your own image on a product, emails at info@adzadestudio.co.uk and we will be glad to help.


Jigzle are 3D paper and wooden puzzles built from specially processed sheets of laser cut plywood or paper. The pieces easily pop out from the sheets and can be assembled without requiring any tools

Mad ClockMaker

Absolutely stunning clocks to be assembled and enjoyed

Veter Models

Looking for a bit more than a simple slot together model? Veter Models may just be what your looking for!


The most fashionable and detailed DIY miniature handmade houses in the world. Glue all the parts by yourself, just enjoy the pleasure of creating.


ROKR integrates the beauty of machinery and scientific exploration to meet the requirements of the intellectual enthusiasts who advocate science and technology, creativity and freedom.

Wooden City

Wooden City provides 3D mechanical model kits which are assembled just like jigsaw puzzles. Each mechanical model is made up of high quality birch plywood which is precisely cut using high-precision laser equipment.

Time For Machine

Time For Machine - Exclusive Mechanical Models Made of Metal.

Moving clockwork mechanical models for assembling from parts that come in a set.