Ferris wheels are a marvel of engineering and highly enjoyable to ride too and with THE FERRIS WHEEL, you get to put your own together with all of its moving parts. Its open mechanism also means that when its complete and in motion, you get a direct view of the beauty of engineering in action. This amusement park ride hides a secret too - a secret compartment for those personal keepsakes you want to keep safe!

  • Packaging size: 355 x 240 x 51 mm.
  • Model size: 220 x 260 x 322 mm
  • Number of pieces: 470 pcs.

1. A stylish wooden model in convenient 
eco-friendly packaging.

2. Laser-cut plywood parts that include spares
in case of mishaps.

3. A pack of axles, gear wax and sandpaper.

4. Detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
in eight different languages.

Our models are built with the help of specially developed and
patented compounds and assembly does not require any
type of adhesive.

Ferris Wheel