If you’re a model-making fan with a sweet tooth, then
boy, do we have a creation for you! The Ice Cream Station miniature
offers a real model building challenge and
one that offers the reward of a beautiful shop replica to
anyone that completes it.

Created from a range of materials that include metal,
fabric, wood, paper and plastic, this beautiful model is
not only great fun to create but it’s also great to look at 
as the ideal decoration for your home or office.

As far as talking points go, there’s nothing quite so intriguing
to visitors than a realistic model that you can say you 
made with your own two hands. For a truly rewarding
modelling experience, the Ice Cream Station is one we’d 
certainly recommend!


● The quaint DGM06 DIY Miniature Sweets Station Kit
● A beautiful miniature of a working sweet shop
● Complete with confectionary
● Illuminated provided by LED
● 1:24 Scale

● Age Range: 14+

Ice Cream Station