Cathy’s Flower House is one of the most amazing
 miniature doll’s houses ever created! This scaled-down version
of your common or garden greenhouse is understated but 
is no less impressive. Each small detail goes into making the
finished model magically realistic and rewarding to complete.

As you piece together this quaint homage to rural living, 
you’ll be mesmerised by each amazingly realistic individual 
plant pot and flower. It even features transparent glass and 
all the odds and ends you’d expect to find in a real greenhouse.

A model greenhouse may seem like sedate subject matter to 
those who are used to building tanks and planes, but when you 
see how realistic it is, even the most experienced modeller can’t 
help but be drawn in and transfixed by the detail. An amazing 
gift for anyone on any occasion.


● The Greenhouse Miniature
● A highly realistic model
● A truly beautiful keepsake
● Hours of crafting fun
● Complete with beautiful plants & flowers

Kathy's Greenhouse