Ever wanted to see what happens when engineering 
meets carpentry? The LG504 is a mesmerising wooden
model that showcases the engineering skill of its 
designers. Using only precision-cut wooden pieces, you
get a genuinely magical way to spend an afternoon.

Once completed, you crank the handle and watch as
the intricate inner mechanisms lift each marble up and
then channels each one onto the helter-skelter rails that
drop them back down through the fortress.

Remember, each twist, turn of the rail is fashioned 
completely from wood and we challenge to stop playing
with it once you’ve started! It really is quite addictive. All
of this contributes to make up a model that anyone 
would love to receive.


● Model Size: 252 x 227 x 203 mm
● Package Size: 317 x 233 x 46xmm
● Wooden Pieces: 227
● Propulsion type: Hand Crank
● Time to complete: Approx 6 hours
● Age 14+

Marble Climber