The Marble Run Race is a captivating model that 
provides hours of engineering and crafting fun. 
Suitable to modellers of almost all experience levels, this creation offers
an eye-catching spectacle as each marble falls.

As each sphere makes its way down the roller-coaster-like
tracks, its reminiscent of many executive toys that
existed during the 80s and it’s as enjoyable to play 
with after it is completed as it is to construct.

Not only is it highly rewarding to see taking 
shape in front of your eyes, but whilst operating it’s great
fun to see gravity exert its force. It’s a model works
equally well as a mechanical piece as it does a 
desk ornament and its an ideal gift for any occasion.

  • a stair stepper as an elevator
  • a spiral funnel,2 straight rails, 3 curve rails
  • a wheel lifter to bring marbles to the top
  • a flip-flop as a switch to drive marbles to 2 paths
  • a hand crank to run the whole system to move
  • 233 Pcs
  • Recommended age 14+

Marble Parkour