An expertly created example of what’s possible when engineering skill meets natural beauty can be seen in THE PENDULUM from Wooden City. Believe it or not, its incredibly beautiful open mechanism can be constructed without the need for glue and it makes a wonderful ornament and conversation piece for any home. It’s the perfect model to help you meditate too!

Packaging size: 355 x 240 x 40 mm. 
Model size: 320 x 520 x 64 mm.
Number of pieces: 121 pcs.
Age: 14+

1. A stylish wooden model in convenient 
eco-friendly packaging.

2. Laser-cut plywood parts that include spares
in case of mishaps.

3. A pack of axles, gear wax and sandpaper.

4. Detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
in eight different languages.

Our models are built with the help of specially developed and
patented compounds and assembly does not require any
type of adhesive.