This captivating wind-up pendulum clock features a design that actually works, 
despite being made almost entirely from wood. Once constructed, simply
wind up the mechanism and watch it go!


Building the LK501 clock is an absorbing experience and it will provide you with hours of modelling fun. The fun doesn’t end there though, as the finished design is simply stunning and you’ll want to sit and watch its poetic movement forever.

Equally suitable for lovers of chronographs and crafters, the pendulum clock can be given as a gift or purchased as a highly stimulating way to spend an afternoon. How you enjoy this model is entirely up to you!

  • The LK501 Wind-up Pendulum Clock
  • A classic mechanical timepiece
  • Amazing clockwork mechanism
  • A challenging, but rewarding experience
  • Ideal as a gift or decoration
  • 170 Pcs
  • Recommended age 14+

Pendulum Clock