Whilst THE ROMAN CHARIOT mechanical wooden model is simple to assemble, that doesn’t stop it being able to charge forward in true Roman style. This realistic copy of the iconic and venerable battle chariot comes with twin horses and a brave chariot rider, allowing the user to recall fascinating historical battles from ancient Rome.

Packaging size: 240 x 175 x28 mm.
Model size: 220 x 55 x130 mm
Number of pieces: 69 pcs. 
Age: 14+ 

  • A stylish wooden model in convenient 

eco-friendly packaging.


  • Laser-cut plywood parts that include spares

in case of mishaps.


  • Detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions

in eight different languages.

Our models are built with the help of specially developed and
patented compounds and assembly does not require any
type of adhesive.

Roman Chariot