Sam's Study is a classic mini dollhouse that features a 
quaint and welcoming library style. Accurately representing
a working library, complete with shelves and cabinets that 
are packed with realistic magazines, books, frames and 
photographs, you could easily think that you’re looking at
a real bookshop!

Models come in all shapes and sizes, but there aren’t many
that are as enjoyable to piece together as this singularly
unique creation. We’re sure that once complete, you’ll get
a real sense of achievement that you’ve made something 
to be proud of.

So, if you’re looking for a modelling experience like no 
other, we would recommend trying out Sam’s Study mini
dollhouse. It’s a wonderfully captivating way to spend an
afternoon and one you’re not likely to forget as the 
completed model takes pride of place anywhere in your 

Age 14 +


● Model Size: 225 x 185 x 190 mm
● Energy Type: Lithium button batteries (not included)
● Diameter: 20 mm RT
● Assembly time: Approx 20 hours
● Instructions: English
● Age Range: 14 +

Sam's Study Room