There are 1,001 models on the market, but none have
quite the sophistication of the Simon’s
Coffee Shop. Seemingly lifted straight out of a vibrant 
urban setting, this model is one that you will enjoy 
long after it’s completed.

Some models you’ll find like cars and aeroplanes appeal
to the adventurer in us all, but Simon’s Coffee shop offers
a modelling experience that offers a taste of the quiet
life in a very elegant location. 

The attention to detail in the kit is quite staggering,
as no effort has been spared to include every cup, cushion,
coffee tin and price list recreated for that extra touch of
realism. Want a modelling experience that’s unlike any
other? Then let your creative side loose on this amazing
model that’s an ideal gift for any occasion.


● The DG109 Simon’s Coffee Dollhouse Coffee Shop
● A realistic working cafe
● Features furniture, lights and even a piano
● Ideal as an office or home decoration

Simon's Coffee Shop