A 21cm soft plush tabby cat teddy. Comes complete with a personalised T-shirt. The T-shirt can be personalised with text and or images. 

Tabby cat teddy with personalised t-shirt

Back text colour
  • Once we have received your order you need to send your image(s) to myprint@adzadestudio.co.uk. 


    Supplying your images...what you need to consider:-


    We will always send you a proof of your image before we print and press. However here are some things to consider before selecting and supplying images.


    1. YOU MUST own the images or have permission to reproduce them, we cannot print images which you do not have copyright for. By placing an order and sending us images to be printed you are agreeing that you either own the images yourself or you have the permission from the person who owns the images to have them printed. If in doubt ask the person who owns the image first. We reserve the right to refuse to print any image which is found to be in breech of copyright.


    2. Your images need to be what we call 'decent'. What we mean by that is we are not prepared to print any image which we deem to be inappropriate, indecent or illegal. So please don't take offence if you send us a picture of something and we won't print it, we have our beliefs and world views and reserve the right to conduct our business as we see fit. - This goes for custom text as well, we will not print words which we deem as 'swear words', racist or in other terms offensive, including those with starred out letters. 


    3. Your images need to be a suitable shape and size for the item you have ordered. If you are ordering a mug the best image for this is one where the subject is central and has a good amount of background to either or one side. If the image you supply is not a perfect fit we will work with it but it may not be possible to achieve the finish you originally imagined. We can at times use photoshop to make your image fit, but this adds additional time to the work and so there would be an additional charge for this. 


    4. Images need to be in 300dpi resolution, anything lower will lead to a less high quality print. If you are not sure how to check this or solve this then please let us know. 


    5. Sublimation cannot print white (white is left as void/blank/transparent and is displayed by the white substrate being printed onto), please bare this in mind when ordering. An image which has a lot of different white tones may not print correctly. 


    6. Your images need to be one of the following formats: -





    7. We will keep your images on file for 14 days in case you have any problems with your order and we need to re-print. After this time your images will be permanently deleted. If you wish for us to store your image/print files longer then let us know, we do have a long term image holding option. This is mainly used by companies who are going to order more items with the same images/text later on.


    8. It's important to understand that what an image looks like on your screen is not necessarily what it will look like on another screen, this is due to different screens displaying colours slightly differently. In addition to screen differences, the difference between light based colour (a screen) and print can be vast. We always try our best to ensure that colours are as close as possible to the on-screen image, but we cannot guarantee that the image you have on your screen will print in the exact same colour tones as your screen displays.  If possible save your image so the colours display as CMYK rather than RGB as this will give you a better idea. 


    9. Finally we love to take photos of our work to help promote our business. We will never use photos of people without explicit consent. However by placing an order you are agreeing to us photographing your item and using it for promotional purposes, if you would like to opt out of this then please get in touch within 7 days of placing your order. 

  • We are a small, family run business, everything we do we take great care and time over. Everything we print/produce is done by hand and on a order-by-order basis. This means that nothing is mass produced in a factory and so items may have slight differences from each other and nothing will have a factory produced absolutely uniform look. If when your items arrives you have any questions, think something is missing or not right then get in touch and we will do our best to resolve it. 

    If you order arrives damaged or faulty please let us know and we will be happy to look into replacing or refunding you. We will ask you to return your item(s) to us for inspection before we provide a refund or replacement. Return postage will only be covered if we deem the item to be faulty, produced at a lower than expected standard or was damaged in transit. Please ensure you check your item on delivery before signing for them, we cannot guarantee a refund or replacement if damage was only discovered after delivery was accepted.