This amazing wooden treasure chest is one that you can build with your own two hands and it provides the perfect place in which to keep your most important keepsakes.


It’s able to keep jewellery and all of your other delicate valuables protected thanks to its three-digit numerical locking mechanism. Anyone using the treasure chest
gets to choose from as one of 810 different codes!

The intricate gears and cogs that make this fantastic model work are hidden expertly in the space inside the lid, which has numerous beautiful patterns cut into it.
It’s the ideal gift for birthdays, Mother’s day or as a decoration for the home or office.

● The LK501 Wind-up Pendulum Clock
● A classic mechanical timepiece
● Amazing clockwork mechanism
● A challenging, but rewarding experience
● Ideal as a gift or decoration


● Model Size: 100 x 124 x 85 mm
● Package Size: 240 x 330 x 40 mm
● Pieces: 123 
● Series: Mechanical gears
● Weight: 800g
● Assembly time: Approx 5 hours. 
● Recommended Range: 14+ years 

Treasure Box