Believe it or not, this wonderful wooden mechanical 
creation can actually play real movies! As you put the
model together, you will see a tribute to cinematic 
history develop right in front of your very eyes!

The LK601s antique design requires no batteries, with
all the power being provided by the hand crank. It’s a 
model that not only appeals to crafters and cinema fans
but that also doubles as a beautiful and thought 
provoking decoration to any home or office.


Fully operational、28 mm focal lensGerman precision engineering.100% of manual energy generated, does not require batteries、Made of Basswood


Move to focus

The adjustable 28mm focal lens and you modify both the size and the brightness of the projected image. Everything is operational and the exquisite detail of these products and their DIY art really amazing.

Film roll

You can replace the film roll as you like. NOTICE: DIY with film printing, machine punching or punching. Model A4. Capacity 220 pictures

Does not require battery, crank, mechanical drive

Hand crank replace the battery to provide power. You do not need a battery, glue or any other tool, just assemble and crank to show the film,

Access door switch handle

A door that provides easy access to the internal operation of the Vitascope and allows quick coil changes. A 58-piece fragment of the legendary Charlie Chaplins Modern Times is included as part of its package. Many smart designs for this small product because our inventor dedicated more time to the promotion.

Based on antique-style film projector, LK601 Vitascope represents the great charm of the Silent Film Era. Assemble it piece by piece, rotate the crank to project a classic clip of Chaplin movie.You will savor a carefree pleasure during and after the building experience.

  • best puzzle game& hobby for 14+
  • 4~6 hours of building fun
  • precise pre-cut wood sheets &clear assembly manual
  • educational toy to enhance STEM concepts
  • replaceable film (you can homemade film by yourself!